Citizen urges for protection after escaping from deadly attack


Citizen escaped from target killing attack in most populated area and business hub of Pakistan’s biggest city Karachi.

It was learned that Citizen namely Sultan Ali Zaidi was on the way to his home which situated at Rainbow Center Saddar, when he stopped near Burhan Center Saddar for buying fruits armed men in two different bikes came near to him and tried to fire but luckily he escaped from the place.

The said incident happened on 22nd October 2019, whereas the report of incident submitted by the citizen on 23rd October in Preedy Police Station.

As per the report, Syed Sultan Ali Zaidi alleged that the armed men was trying to kill him because of his Shia sect.It was written in the report that “The armed men covered with helmets on a motorcycle didn’t try to snatch my wallet, mobile etc, they told me as you belongs to SHIA sect and we are not accepting you”.

A citizen informed that, he was out of country from last ten years and recently came back to Karachi, however he has received threats in past also and told that his family is still abroad due to the said reason.

He urged the law enforcement agencies of proper security arrangements for him.

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