Citizen draws rifle on two ‘snatchers’


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KARACHI: The unabated wave of robberies continues to plague the city as criminals strike at will, leaving the populace at their mercy. Fed up with the relentless onslaught of street criminals, the citizens have taken matters into their own hands, uniting to confront the robbers through self-help initiatives.

A recent incident in North Nazimabad showcased the valour of the city’s residents, thwarting a robbery attempt that aimed to make off with a staggering Rs1.9 million. The incident unfolded near North Nazimabad Block D Ashraf Masjid, where a quick-thinking car driver’s courage disrupted the plans of the armed robbers. The confrontation resulted in a shootout, leading to an unfortunate injury of a bystander caught in the crossfire. Two robbers managed to escape the scene, leaving behind a female accomplice apprehended by the vigilant citizens and handed over to the police.

SHO North Nazimabad, Amjad Kiyani, detailed the events, recounting how the courageous citizen, Zeeshan, had just returned home after withdrawing a substantial sum from the bank. The robbers, riding a motorcycle, attempted to snatch the money at gunpoint, but their plans were foiled when the vigilant citizen brandished a licensed semi-automatic rifle. Faced with unexpected resistance, the robbers fled the scene in panic, leading to an exchange of gunfire. Unfortunately, a passerby named Khurram was caught in the crossfire and sustained injuries.

The captured female accomplice, a 16-year-old named Maria, disclosed valuable information during preliminary investigations. CCTV footage revealed her presence inside the bank alongside a male companion, hinting at a deliberate plan. The gang, including Maria and her absconding associates Farman and Rasheed, had meticulously tracked and chased Zeeshan before reaching his residence, intending to carry out the robbery.

The police continue to piece together the puzzle, identifying Asif Sabzwarii as a potential accomplice with a criminal history tied to Maria’s father. The motorcycle used in the crime, bearing a Punjab registration plate, was recovered from the suspect’s bag. Further investigation is underway to uncover additional details regarding the incident and those involved.

As the city grapples with escalating crime, the incident stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of its citizens to combat the rising tide of criminal activities through collective action.

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