Chinese manufacturers to help textile industry


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A leading Chinese manufacturer, specialising in textiles auxiliaries and organic silicone products, has partnered with local agents to provide vital technological support to address key challenges faced by the textile printing and dyeing sector, ultimately enhancing its competitiveness on the global stage.

“The textile industry is a pillar of Pakistan’s economy, but it faces significant challenges, including energy shortages and cotton yarn scarcity. Many local textile factories are shifting toward a higher proportion of polyester fabrics, and Chinese chemical fibre suppliers can provide the ideal raw materials for these evolving textile categories,” explained Xing Pingping, Overseas Sales Manager of Ningbo Runhe High-tech Materials Company Limited.

Faisalabad, serving as a core textile industrial city, is home to nearly 300 dyeing factories, and it was in this city that Ningbo Runhe and their Pakistani agent, FairChem International, organised a textile seminar. Over 150 local industry professionals attended the event, where they explored opportunities for growth and innovation.

Pakistan’s textile exports reached $19.32 billion in fiscal year 2022, a year-on-year increase of 25.3% and accounting for nearly 61% of the country’s total merchandise exports. However, challenges such as cotton shortages and lower profit margins in some fabric categories have affected the industry’s global competitiveness.

Xing emphasised that digital textile printing holds significant growth potential for the industry, given the ongoing energy shortages in the country. Digital textile printing offers high-definition design possibilities, lower resource usage, and reduced environmental impact.

Furthermore, with the increasing technological capabilities of Pakistani textile enterprises.

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