Champions of change participated in STEM oriented virtual session


Thar Education Alliance with the collaboration of The United States Educational Foundation of Pakistan conducted a virtual session on the webinar about Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.

The session was delivered by Ms. Marci Fradkin, a US-based Educationist, aimed to promote the STEM education around the world, while conducting the session she said that, promotion of STEM education aligns with the worldwide trend of equipping students for the rapid economic, scientific and technological developments, as well as the changes and challenges in society and around the world.

STEM education aims to develop students to become lifelong learners of science, technology, and mathematics, enabling them to meet the challenges in the 21st century, and from a wider perspective, nurturing versatile talents with different levels of knowledge, such as communication and writing skills. She said.Moreover, she added that along with it number of Pakistani students in the U.S., which had gone down significantly over the past few years, had now resurged to over 8,000.

The Pakistani envoy emphasized the need for continued cooperation in the educational domain and thanked the U.S. government for its “valuable partnership” over the years.

Marci shared that U.S. universities and institutions have played a significant role in helping Pakistan to strengthen its higher education domain.

She called for enhanced collaboration between Pakistan and the United States for the promotion of online education in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

Questions from the online audience including 15 champions of change volunteers were mainly focused on the STEM education, that it’s era of technology and science but they don’t have the access to science labs, how they can improve their learning outcomes, how technology can approach to the far-flung areas of Pakistan, and possible impact of COVID-19 on Pakistani students coming to the U.S. and on how this vital linkage needs to be continued despite physical and health constraints.

In conclusion, Thar Education Alliance thanked to Ms. Marci Fradkin and emphasized that while COVID-19 had fundamentally altered the global scenario, the use of technology and virtual platforms were identified as the lynchpin to ensure continuity and broadening of the scope of educational cooperation in the coming years.

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