Chairman TMC Safoora meets Sindh outdoor Advertising association delegation



Karachi…… A meeting was held with the office bearers of Sindh Outdoor Advertising Association under the president ship of Chairman Safoora Town Rashid Khaskheli.

The meeting was attended by Vice Chairman Abdul Haq Balouch, Director Advertisement Tasleem Raza Wassan and others.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman Rashid Khaskheli said that in order to equip Safoora Town with municipal facilities, it is necessary that the local tax departments play an active role for improving own resources of safoora town.

He further said that local tax recoveries are of utmost importance for Safoora Town cannot rely only on OZT, local tax recovery can be improved by developing an integrated strategy and efforts are being made to develop a strategy that will be effective in improving local tax recovery.

On this occasion, a delegation of Sindh Outdoor Association assured Chairman Safoora Town that they would play their role to strengthen Safoora Town, on this occasion he informed them about the problems being faced, on which Chairman Rashid Khaskheli assured that all possible steps would be taken to resolve the problems that could be solved.

In addition, on the directives of Chairman Safoora Town Rashid Khaskheli, the process of spraying disinfectants is going on a daily basis in various UCs of Safoora Town.

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