Chairman Mazdoor Union urges DG KDA to save life of Shahzad Saleem


Shahzad Saleem posted as Program Officer in IT Department of KDA admit in Zia Uddin Hospital and due to critical condition he is on ventilator.

Madoor Union CBA Chairman Abdul Mateen Sheikh informed that Shahzad Saleem is on ventilator due to brain hemorage and hospital is charging more than 50 thousand rupees per day.

Abdul Mateen Shaik shared that his financial support file has been submitted in the department , whereas testing and other medical facilities for the employees of department has been stop due to non payment of hospital and laboratories dues.

Mazdoor Union CBA Chairman urged Minister Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah and DG KDA Asif Ikram to provide financial assistance to the said employee of department to save his life.

He also demanded to revive the medical panel for all employees of department as the workers are facing a lot of issues during the spread of COVID-19 Pandemic.

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