Census data shows 2,784 transpeople in province


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KARACHI: The first day of the extended deadline of the census saw the tally for Karachi’s population reach 15,336,315 while the total population of Sindh was a little under 51 million.

As of Sunday evening, Karachi had counted 1,990,387 structures (building), and 2,825,676 (individual housing) units, and counted 2,860,552 of the 2,961,707 listed for the era.

Karachi’s population breakdown shows 8,059,426 men, 7,275,472 women, and 1,417 transpeople.

In Sindh, the number of structures is 7,604,250 and the number of units is 87,238,82. The population total has been put at 509,586,92. It includes 26,751,848 men, 24,204,060 women and 2,784 transpeople. The population of the nine districts in Hyderabad Division was tabulated to be 11,282,014 with 5,903,279 men, 5,378,225 women and 510 transpeople. In the Hyderabad division, 1,916,977 structures and 2,041,784 units have been counted.

In the Larkana division, there are 1,011,611 structures, 1,047,316 units, and a population of 7,566,604.

In Shaheed Benazirabad, there are 923,565 structures, 970,271 units, and a population of 5,823,176. In the Mirpur Khas division, there are 814,332 structures, 837,427 units, and a population of 4,845,589. In the Sukkur division, there are 947,274 structures, 1,001,047 units, and a population of 6,104,994.

The number of transpeople in Sindh has been recorded as 2,784, with the highest number in Karachi at 1,417, 540 in Hyderabad division, 279 in Larkana, 237 in Sukkur division, 210 in Shaheed Benazirabad division, and 131 in Mirpur Khas division. In some areas, polio teams that reviewed the data of the enumerators have been given responsibility for people and household counting for the next four days of the extended deadline. The census was supposed to end on April 4 before it was extended twice, first till April 10 and then April 15.

The counting by polio workers will not only include the counted houses, structures, and households but will also verify the numbers that were collected by the enumerators. The Federal Bureau of Statistics has not confirmed the news.

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