Burgeoning technology abridges Education


By: Mehak Anwar

In this modern era of digitalization, technology has played a vital role in framing the civilization of human life. Doubtlessly digital facilities are reshaping the world as more modified than it was ever in the past. Technology offers various benefits to the human life.

We have incorporated technology in our lives in such a manner that life seems incomplete without it.

I am of the view that it would not be wrong in any way to say that our independent life has now turned technology dependent.

Despite the technology serves as a salient platform to learn and teach but simultaneously acts as a distraction if ‘not utilised properly’.

When we use ‘not utilised properly’, we already accept its importance and benefits which lies its usage.

In regard to this, when we talk about the deadly pandemic which hit world this year and still a global challenge to tackle, technology is the only hope people live and even lived with.

It is technology which made it easier for people to work, to study and to get treatments for patients from home.

The educational institutions were offering virtual education. Whether it be business deals of millions or the health organisations across world, all dealt via the digital equipments whatsoever available.

This era of digital facilities provides an immense range of information and resources to help people expand their knowledge.

One can grab vast amount of information and ideas regarding any topic. These platforms become an effective tool of learning whereas students can improve their learning skills.

Either google searching site or another educational site, it helps learners to build their own opinions of thoughts. Imagine if we incidentally type any random word in any online search engines working on the Internet, isn’t it amazing we’re returned with an abundance of results with varied choices and multiple features like viewing, copying and pasting.

While downloading and uploading is in a content form. In the times of lockdowns in all countries, social sites like ZOOM and Google meet were the only means of learning and mentoring for the students and of all hues.

The strenuous period of covid-19 has proved the importance of technology in every aspect of human life. People became more creative with the assistance of digital media.

Many started online courses of freelancing and creating videos on YouTube which would have been never possible without digital facilities at the time.

There are various social sites that provides free online courses in Pakistan. DigiSkills training program is one of them which is also providing certificates with free online courses.

Technology made everything possible just one’s fingertips away. Apart from the advantageous points, it has several disadvantages too. Social media is the tool with the bag full of uncensored content aiding entertainment, vulgarity, gambling, bullying and other things that can fall one into cyber crimes.

This causes the greatest distraction to the people especially students from their academic studies.

It affects a decreasing interest in academics of students. Social networking sites has made people badly hooked to social connections.

Youngsters posts their model alike pictures and videos on their profiles for mere likes and followers. Teenagers whose hardly become 16 are assuming themselves as models or actors.

It isn’t bad to be good at creative fields like arts, music and media but eduction would still be the basic requirement of acquiring such passions.

Another menacing cancer to the nation is Tik-Tok. Which was banned by the government for promoting vulgur content but unfortunately unbanned again recently.

Tiktok is a great mischief of modern times. It is destroying the youth of Pakistan. Many vulgar trend are being on this application which promotes same sex relationship or ‘Gayism’, violence and bullying.

As a nation of Islamic Republic of Pakistan it breaks all extents of morals. Lip sync to a 20 second video requires no talent.

However the users of the application are from all ages including school going kids. It injects a worst impact upon children and teenagers who are equipped with smart phones. 

Pakistani youth are not only wasting their precious time with this nonsense but are also crossing all limits of morality.

They are completely about to lost their ways to a bright future. In this young age, Education should be the first priority of an individual to achieve a well established life. Education gives ones knowledge of the world.

It develops one’s perspective of looking at life. It is the most important element in the evolution of the nation.

Without education, one will not explore new ideas. It means one will not able to develop the world because without ideas there is no creativity and without creativity, there is no development of the nation.

However, Pakistan is already backward in education system since few decades. Now it is time to ameliorate our education system.

This is the only way to produce scientists, philosophers and leaders from the nation. And make Pakistan’s name proud all over the world.

Yet instead of being an indigenous citizen of society, Regrettably our youth are on the wrong track. Is this what naya Pakistan was all about?

  1. Abdullah Solangi says

    Great article

  2. Saleem says

    Technology, especially Social media platforms are very much destructive, time killer and causing psychological problems. There is old saying that; if it is free you are the product. Anyone Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok they don’t produce their content yet making huge profits. They are the trend setters. They are busy in trying to figure out the new ways to engage people on their platforms for them. They sales their platform users to advertising companies. Yes there is potential for good things on these platforms many people do use in positive manner but I is observed that these platforms are designed to kill your time. You are bombarded with tones of knowledge different posts without any correlation with one another. It effects your psychology.

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