Batch of fever medicine declared substandard


ISLAMABAD: The Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan (DRAP) has declared a batch of fever medicine being sold in the market a substandard product while issuing a recall alert for it.

The regulatory warned that the use of the substandard product – Pedolil suspension – can have severe consequences, endangering the patient’s life and potentially causing harm to the liver, kidney, or blood.

The drug was prepared from a paracetamol formula and is commonly used to alleviate fever and body aches.

The substandard batch 167, manufactured by JASM Pharma Risalpur, was flagged by the Federal Drug Analyst, CDL Karachi.

The manufacturer has been directed to immediately recall the defective batch of product from the market and all pharmacists and chemists working at distributions and pharmacies have been instructed to immediately check their stocks and stop supplying this batch of product.

In its directive, the regulatory said that the remaining stock should be quarantined and returned to the supplier/company.

To protect the citizens, doctors, and chemists, the DRAP has also directed doctors to cease the use of the affected batch of Pedolil suspension. The DRAP has also instructed the pharma company to halt the supply of the affected batch immediately. In response to the recall alert, the company promptly removed the affected batch of Pedolil suspension from the market.

Moreover, DRAP provincial teams have increased surveillance in medicine markets to prevent the distribution and sale of any substandard products.

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