Badshah Chandio terms allegations on Chairman TMC Safoora baseless


Town Chairman Safoora Coordinator Badshah Chandio along with UC 3 General Councillor Parvez Rajpar hold a press conference on the alleged media trial against Safoora Town Chairman Rashid Khaskheli.

Addressing the Press Conference Badshah Chandio said that for many days there have been reports on social media and in some newspapers, in which it is being alleged that the Chairman TMC Safoora Rashid Khaskheli, has cut off the water connection of the Sindh flood victims and has taken money from the people of Quetta town.

For this reason, propaganda based on fabricated lies is being circulated in various ways, and the person who is saying this Farrukh Shah Sirhandi you are aware of his personality, what are his activities in the area, he told.

He further said that this person had made these allegations before and then expressed his shame in front of all your friends in front of the Chairman.

He said that whatever plot is occupied in the area, this persy provides a family on rent to the land grabber, some time ago a plot was occupied in Ghazi goth and in it he provided a family on rent, including a woman.

Further he stated that the problem is that this person is describing the issue of water board not the Town problem, but still Chairman TMC Safoora spoke to the water board on humanitarian ground to solve this problem But this is a different department and they have different problems, if they still want to solve their problem, then submit an application to the water board, we will help him on humanitarian ground, but will not tolerate his blackmailing at all.

In response to the question, he said that PPP MPA and MNA have not been elected here for years, earlier there was DMC and now the town has been formed and the party has elected Rashid Khaskheli as town chairman.

The problems have not been solved for many years but we are making efforts to solve the problems now, he added.

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