Babar Azam is my favourite: Famed Nepalese singer talks music, Asia Cup performance


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ISLAMABAD: Trishala Gurung, a renowned singer from Nepal who contributed her music to Pakistan, recently shared her deep passion for singing with Daily City News. “Singing is an integral part of my soul, something I can’t contain,” she said. Reflecting on her musical journey, she reminisced, “As a child, I actively participated in religious rituals, singing religious songs with unwavering devotion.”

Recognising her talent and dedication, her family encouraged her to pursue singing. She fondly recalled, “My family saw my passion and allowed me to sing.” One of her most cherished moments was performing at the Asia Cup ceremony in Multan, Pakistan, despite not being a cricket enthusiast. Surprisingly, her favourite player is Babar Azam. She emphasised, “Pakistan’s cricket team captain, Babar Azam, is my favourite player due to his humility.”

Trishala highly valued Nepal’s representation in the Asia Cricket Cup, stating, “The representation of the Nepal cricket team in the Asia Cricket Cup is unforgettable.” She noted that mountaineering and football are more popular in Nepal. The talented vocalist revealed, “My father belongs to the army, and we are two siblings. I am a doctor by profession, and my elder brother is a senior doctor in London.”

Regarding her singing career, she explained, “Along with my higher education, I also dedicate time to singing…I sing in Nepali local films, and my songs are very popular on Nepal TV, Radio, and YouTube.” However, she noted that after her performance at the Asia Cup, she received invitations to sing from India as well. She shared the significance behind her choice of a light blue saree for her Multan performance, saying, “I had a light blue saree made by my fashion designer…I think the colour of the sky is blue, which is called ‘Akash’ in our language. Akash is present everywhere. The sky has no boundaries, and so do artists and sportsmen.”

Trishala expressed her love for Nepal and her aspirations, saying, “I love my country Nepal very much, and I wish to make the name of my country shine.” She also spoke highly of Pakistan, stating, “Heard a lot about Pakistan. It was a great experience to perform with Pakistani singer Aima Baig.”

Additionally, she praised Pakistani music legends, saying, “Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ali Zafar, and Atif Aslam have no parallel.” Trishala looks forward to future opportunities, saying, “If I get a chance, I will showcase my art in Lahore and Islamabad in the future.” She continued to add, “I am preparing two songs for Pakistan, which will be released soon.”

Reflecting on her journey, she recalled, “When I got an offer from the Asia Cup organiser to sing, I couldn’t believe it.” She also praised Pakistani cuisine, saying, “Pakistani food is very delicious.” She shared her background, stating, “My ancestors belong to the city of Dharan in the eastern region of Nepal.” Trishala pursued her higher education in Kathmandu.

While she initially had no interest in cricket, her experience with the Asia Cup ignited her passion for the sport. “Now wherever I go, people recognise me, and I often sign autographs and share handshakes,” revealed the singer. Regarding Nepal’s cricket team’s performance in the event, she said, “I know that Nepal cricket faced challenges in the event.” Nonetheless, she viewed playing against India and Pakistan as a valuable experience for Nepalese players, contributing to their growth in the sport.

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