Ask SRK: Superstar says Virat Kohli is like his son-in-law, reveals more about ‘Dunki’


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While Shah Rukh Khan basks in the success of his latest offering, Jawan, it is clear that the famed Bollywood actor is still sticking to his roots as he takes to his X account for a quick question-and-answer session. However, the actor’s reference to Indian cricketer Virat Kohli as his son-in-law is what actually caught the eye of many.

The Bollywood star revealed that in the instance of a late call time, he had some time to speak to his inquisitive fans online, posting, “Away shooting. Been told call time is a bit later. So, think [I] can do a fast #AskSRK with you all if you are also free like me! Let’s start and ask for anything…oops, ask anything! I mean.”

During the session, a fan asked Khan to say a couple words about Kohli, “Jawan style,” to which the Bollywood actor responded, “I love [Virat Kohli], he is like my own and I pray always for his well-being…bhai damaad jaisa hai humaara! (brother is like a son-in-law to me!)”

Expressing his love for the cricket player and ultimately, the entire Indian sports team, it seems that Khan is quite invested in the World Cup this season as the actor even went on to wish all the players well, writing, “All the best to the boys…have a great World Cup!”

Amongst other comments, the Pathaan actor also spoke of his wide-ranging career, expressing his gratitude for the creative work his audiences enjoy; “The fact that I could entertain so many…and make so many smile, is what keeps me going as an actor. So, I am very happy.” While another fan requested for the star to only do “big and ambitious projects,” Khan replied, “Films are big by the heart they have in them…I believe all my films try and have a big heart! Jawan had a big heart and a big canvas too.”

As Khan prepares for his role in the upcoming film Dunki, the actor took some time to tease his fans with the expectation they should have for his upcoming project in comparison to his previous offerings within the year, Pathaan and Jawan, stating, “Dunki is funny and emotional…it’s Raju sir’s world, my brother. I’ve added a little action…don’t know if sir will choose to include it or not…he is the editor after all!”


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