APCM presents a shield to World-renowned footballer for sports services


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World-renowned Footballer Muhammad Iqbal Fifa who belongs to Malir Sindh was given reception by Awami Press Club Malir here on yesterday.

Many political, social personalities of Malir, captains of distinct teams and areas people participated program immensely.

Iqbal Baloch Fifa presided the ceremony and Qadir Bukhsh Kalmaty joined as a chief guest.

On that occasion journalists of Awami Press Club Malir presented Iqbal Baloch Fifa a shield on his services for sports at Malir and gifted Ajraks to him and others.

On that Muhammad Iqbal Baloch Fifa said addressing ceremony participants that he is son of poor and its result of his parents hopes and training that he has visited 22 countries and learnt as a referee from Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea.

He said that has got a reward of being referee in 15 hundreds national football games and 55 international football games. He further said that he feels pride to be resident of Malir Sindh and he thanked Awami Press Club Malir who respected and rewarded him.

More over he said that sports is good for health because by this many secures himself from social evil deeds and utilize his abilities for the development , prosperity and betterment of country and nation.

Social activist Qadir Bukhsh Kalmaty addressed that Iqbal Baloch Fifa is a proud of Malir people and Sindh specially Malir is recognized for football game across world.

He said that he has spent his bigger part of life with Iqbal Baloch so he has struggled with courage and tirelessness and made his name which every one can not do.

Kamran Abdullah Murad said that Iqbal Fifa is not only a good player but also a nice person who even today is teaching students with responsibility and sincerity.

On that occasion Fateh Muhammad Baloch, Khalil Wadelo, Hassan Baloch, Zohaib Zardari, Awami Press Club Malir president Saami Memon and Younus Azad and others also addressed the ceremony

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