APCM Journalists protest over NAB raid at Chief Editor Daily Benazir Times House


Journalists of Awami Press Club Malir held protest demonstration against NAB attack on Daily Benazir Times News paper’s Editor in Chief Asad Kharil’s house under the blame of corruption before press club at Murad Memon village led by Senior journalist Saami Memon, press Club General Secretary Manzoor Solangi, Vice President Sikandar Jokhio, Sarwar Memon, Sajad Shah and others here on yesterday.

Demonstrators hailed strict slogans against NAB terror having play cards in their hands in a great number.

On this occasion protest lead Senior Journalist Saami Memon, vice president of press club Sikandar Jokhio, General Secretary Manzoor Solangi and others spoke to media men and said that they condemn all executions against journalists, newspaper’s editors and newspapers owners in many ways across Pakistan including Sindh and steps to threaten and frighten them by different reasons.

They said that this types of steps can not keep journalists away from writing truth and raising voice of truth so such type of stuffs should be finished.They further said that if National Accountability Bureau has corruption proofs and testimonials against chief editor of Daily Benazir Times Asad Kharil so they arrest him otherwise it sounds not goof to scare him attacking on his house.

Moreover they said NAB has found nothing during raid on chief editor’s house so such type of executions by NAB will be considered steps against Journalism and journalists will become compelled to start protest movement against NAB  across Pakistan including Sindh. They demanded NAB to accurate its attitude and way of action against journalists, newspapers editors and newspapers owners.

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