APCM Journalists protest against the injustice of ASI PS Memon village


Actions against Those journalists who have been reporting social issues have not been stopped yet by police and powerful men.

PS Memon village police executed against drug dealers and arrested them, Journalist Abdul Qadir Dars covered that police act therefore PS Memon village’s ASI Shahbaz misbehaved him with his constables and took him towards police station with drug dealers and released him after journalist’s protest.

In this respect journalists of Awami Press club Malir organized expostulating rally against PS Murad Memon police’s maltreatment with journalist Abdul Qadir Dars and his arrest during coverage of police execution against drugs dealer at Darsana Chana here on yesterday.

Rally presided by Awami Press Club Malir Senior Journalist Saami Memon, President Ghulam Ali Goonder, General Secretary Manzoor Solangi, Joint Secretary Arshad Ali Gabol, Abdul Qadir Dars Social Activists Faqir Aman Jokhio, Zulfi Jokhio, SUP Representative Faiz Sindhi, Sarwar, Irfan Memon, Muhammad Ali Gotto in which political, social activists and journalists participated in a great number. Rally participants were raising strict slogans against PS Memon village police holding play cards in their hands.

On that occasion Senior Journalist Saami Memon, president Awami Press Club Ghulam Ali Goonder, Social and political representatives addressed that police should cooperate with journalists that they disclose society’s evil deeds and remind police about its forgotten duties but sorry to say that police adopts criminal behave with journalists and is opposing human rights.
They said that PS Memon village’s ASI Shahbaz is doing illegal work accompanying with drug dealers and release drug dealers taking bribe after arresting on the complaint of public.

This time when journalist Abdul Qadir Dars covered the story of showy arrest of drug dealers than said ASI became aggressive after the disclose of secret and maltreated with journalists and took him away towards Police Station.

Journalists of Awami Press Club Malir demanded from IG Sindh, AIG Karachi, SSP and others concerned officers to dismiss ASI Shahbaz Immediately from PS Memon village otherwise they will continue their protest

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