Alleged Unavailability of safety kit causes incident at SAM Hygiene Pvt Ltd


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Maltreatment is adopted with employees allegedly by the management of Sam Hygiene Pvt Ltd and workers are provided no safety kits during job due to the unavailability of safety kit worker Vicky’s hand was cut in machine who was immediately shifted to hospital in critical condition.

Anger spread among Social Activists after hearing about sad incident of losing body organ.

Social Activists of Senior Citizens UC Pipri and other Humanitarian Organizations rushed and arrived at incident place but company management declined to meet and tell any detail.

On that occasion President of Senior Citizens UC Pipri Shafi Muhammad Hakro, Imam Bukhsh, Abdul Rehman Gabol, Muhammad Hashim Gopang and others expostulated before main entrance of company where they condemned the incident happened in company by the ignorance of factory management and misconduct with them and demanded from government to have fair inquiry about incident and unavailability of safety kits.

They said that human life is precious but company workers lives have come at risk due to the negligence of company management.

They said that company management is responsible for every incident happens at company because it doesn’t care about the life of company worker.

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