After marriage, there should be no phone codes: Ushna Shah


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Ushna Shah recently appeared as a guest on Momin Saqib’s talk show, Had Kar Di, in which she shared her opinion regarding the idea of wives checking their husbands’ phones. The Habs actor shared that in an honest and loyal relationship, there should be no need for a wife to check her husband’s phone. However, if there ever is a time when that happens, the husband should not be hesitant or evasive about giving his wife access to his cellphone. 

This conversation was prompted when Momin asked Ushna “Should wives check their husbands’ phones?” To this question, Ushna responded with a simple, “Why not?” and then went on to clarify her point of view. “There should never be a need for it, but if a wife does reach for her husband’s phone, there shouldn’t be any hesitation or resistance from the man’s side,” said Ushna, suggesting that it is a cause of concern when a husband reacts defensively. She also used another example of when men place their phones in a way that the screen is facing downwards as something that may be a cause of worry, given that they may be hiding something.

She further stated that after marriage, there should be no phone codes barring people from entering their partners’ cellphones: “After marriage, there should be no phone codes, none of that.” The Aakhir Kab Tak actor then confessed that she knew her husband Hamza was the one when he put in her face ID on his phone without her even asking him to do that. She praised her husband for being “amazing” and doing that for her and not asking her to return the gesture. Ushna added that he did not ask her to do the same for him, but she did, anyway.

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