Affected life of fisherman’s due to climate change


The climate change had changed the life of a fisherman, many fishermen at Ibrahim Hyderi leaving their forefather’s work and adopting another work.

A 60 years old Talib Kachhi recalling previous days when he went to catches fish and easily catch it but now, he left his forefathers to work and compelled to work in a Non-Government Organization (NGO), because he is not earning enough money from catching fish.

Ibrahim Hyderi is a coastal settlement area of Karachi, the primary living of these people on catching fish.

“In previous days we easily catch fish nearby beech, but now we have to go in deep water of sea to catch fish, even single boat was filled with fish within minutes but now we have to spend a couple of weeks in deep water and the expenditure of launches was Rs.1500 but now is 1.2 million”, said Talib Kachhi.

“In those days only, people catch fish who belongs to the fisherman community but now many other migrated people from other countries catching fish. The thrown of industrial waste chemical material and solid waste in sea affected marine life and fish disappeared from the sea”, he added.

Sea has the capability of approximately 500 launches but so many launches are going to catch fish. No fishery policy for catching fish because overfishing is harmful to fish.

Many fish species disappeared from the sea, even Moori fish is also disappeared. The Pallo fish was very cheap but now one piece of Pallo fish is more than five thousand rupees. Anybody was not buying Miyo fish but now its price more than five hundred kilograms.

In the period of British rule in Subcontinent fisherman was more earning from fishing than KPT employee’s salary. Karachi Port Trust (KPT) is a Pakistani federal government agency that oversees the operations of the Port of Karachi.

The salary of KPT employees was 60 rupees Pakistani but they were earning eight thousand per month. But now many fishermen leaving their profession.

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