Abdul Rauf Bhally Pays Homage to Martyr Pilot Rashid Minhas on His Martyrdom Anniversary


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Abdul Rauf Bhally, Vice President of PPP USA and Focal Person for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resources Development, solemnly commemorated the martyrdom anniversary of Pilot Rashid Minhas. In a gesture of profound respect and remembrance, Bhally honored the memory of the national hero who displayed unwavering courage and sacrifice.

Martyr Pilot Rashid Minhas, a beacon of bravery, sacrificed his life on August 20, 1971, to prevent his hijacked aircraft from being used against his own country. His resolute stand against the hijacker, Flight Lieutenant Matiur Rahman, remains an indelible testament to his loyalty to Pakistan’s sovereignty.

Abdul Rauf Bhally, recognizing the significance of this day in Pakistan’s history, joined the nation in paying homage to the hero who exemplified selflessness and dedication. Through this act of remembrance, Bhally underscores the deep respect and admiration he holds for those who have given their lives for their nation.

The commemoration of Martyr Pilot Rashid Minhas’s martyrdom anniversary serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by individuals who prioritize their country above all else. Abdul Rauf Bhally’s tribute reflects the enduring spirit of patriotism that unites people, transcending borders and generations.

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