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Lack of banking channels are major hinderance in increasing Pak-Iran trade says Iranian Consul General

Karachi :Mr. Nourian Hasan, Consul General of Iran, during a meeting with Karachi Council on Foreign Relations (KCFR) said that Pak-Iran relations were centuries old and Iran was the first country to recognize Pakistan and Pakistan was the first nation to acknowledge the Iranian revolution in 1979. 
Despite foreign interventions Iran has marched towards progress and development.
However, despite many difficulties and terrorist attacks and activism Iran is now advancing in all fields such as aerospace sciences, humanities, industrial engineering, defense production, launching of satellites etc.
He said that both countries shared a 920 km border. He stated that in a meeting between the Supreme Leader of Iran and the Prime Minister of Pakistan, it was reiterated that Pak-Iran relations were warm and should be developed further.
He pressed that Pakistan and Iran were members of many international forums like ECO and SCO at regional and international level; and supported each other.
The Consul General emphasized that the exchange of delegations between the two countries is invaluable for the realization of the economic potential between two countries.
He elaborated that some steps had already been taken to improve the economic ties such as the inauguration of the two new border crossings and the opening of some border markets.
He said that Iran and Pakistan were the two gateway states for the Central and North Asian countries for international trade.
He added that two MoUs had been signed to establish a Joint Business Council and that an exhibition of Iran in Karachi Expo Center will be held in January 2023. He informed that electronic paperless visa for Pakistani businessmen visiting Iran had been started.
These steps, the CG said, show the commitment of both countries in improving relations with each other.
He concluded by noting that one of the major obstacles to improving economic relations between Iran and Pakistan was the absence of banking channels between Pakistan and Iran. Replying to a question the CG explained that Iranian production is halal, inexpensive and of high quality.
To another question the CG replied that with the establishment of a railway link between Tehran and Karachi the availability of products will be more easily available in both countries.
The CG added that to improve the awareness of the Iranian markets’ potential, efforts will be made to send delegations to Pakistan Chambers of Commerce.
The CG agreed that there were many specific items globally imported by Iran which could be made and exported by Pakistan to Iran on a large bilateral trade scale.
In conclusion, Chairman KCFR Vice Admiral Khalid Mir stated that Pak-Iran relations are based on historic linkages and are neither against any country or poses any threat to any state.
Our core mutual interests focus on national development, economic prosperity and security in the region. Both countries have tremendous potential for promoting trade and commerce.
The Pak Iran Joint Economic Commission (JEC) and Joint Trade Committee (JTC) have agreed on a number of proposals this year which require implementation.
He further expressed the importance of Iran-Pakistan pipeline and CPEC for peace and security in the region and highlighted the importance of more frequent exchanges through trade delegations to promote trade and commerce.

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