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Fifa World Cup: Lyari Turns into Mini-Qatar

FIFA World Cup 2022, the biggest event in the world of sports, has started in a very small country in the world QATAR. The Lyari area of ​​Karachi has the status of a nursery of football, the passion for football in Lyari speaks loudly, children can be seen playing football in the streets of Lyari, and that famous footballer in the world of football history made Pakistan famous internationally.



The football craze in Lyari gets even more intense when any mega football event starts anywhere in the world. The Football world cup festival had started in Qatar officially, football enthusiasm has turned into a festival in Lyari too and the colors of football are springing everywhere as if the FIFA World Cup is being played not in Qatar but in Lyari.


The football lovers of Lyari decorated their streets with the colors of the World Cup on the occasion of the World Cup. If you go and visit Lyari yourself, you can see that somewhere the flags of all the World Cup teams are painted and someone has pasted various slogans in support of their favorite teams on the wall artwork.

While Atmany places, screen arrangements have also been made to watch the matches live, the biggest screen has been installed in the Kalri Football Ground, while every street in Lyari is full of celebration during the FIFA World Cup.

Football fanatics are also seen in Lyari wearing their favorite teams’ shirts. Fans are expressing their love and feelings for their favorite players and teams by adopting different styles.


Shahmir Baloch,  a resident of Lyari, while talking to Daily City News, expressed his views and said that football is not only a game for us but also a means of keeping us Lyarians together and during the FIFA World Cup everyone has their support to their favorite team.

He added that we all watch the matches together at the same place which brings brotherhood and friendship among us. I am also a football lover and my favorite football team is France, I am supporting France in the FIFA World Cup 202 and hopeful for victory.

However, in response to the question of who will be crowned the winner of the World Cup 2022, there were mixed opinions about France, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, etc. Everyone seemed to wish for their favorite teams for winning. As the World Cup progresses, it is expected that the FIFA World Cup mini-Qatar Lyari in Pakistan will also increase the number of football fans.

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