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Ending Violence against Women through peaceful ways

By: Kainat Hussain



Violence against women is a term used for physical, emotional, sexual, psychological and financial abuse against women. One out of three women are suffering from violence.

Even though states have recognised the use of violence against women many times particularly in the last 2 decades, and have taken initiatives to end violence. However, still violence against women is prevailing in our societies.

Moreover, laws have also been formed but, there is a lack of implementation and societal pressures that’s why states are unable to eradicate violence against women from the society.

If we talk about our country Pakistan, there are hundreds of cases of violence being reported but most of them are left unreported each year.

Pakistan has taken steps by being part of CEDAW and other conventions and promulgating laws but like other countries of the third world, lack of awareness, societal pressures, and less implementation of laws.

I feel effective diplomacy can help in bringing change in our society. In my opinion, there are few measures that should be adopted to eradicate violence against women like Foreign Policy based on Feminist Approach.

I think by adopting a feminist approach in foreign policy, states can achieve gender equality by involving women in decision making processes such as signing treaties or conventions, assuring presence of women at major platforms like UN, participation of women in all spheres from defence till trade, introducing aids and incentive programs for economic stability of women.

We can also end violence by formation of state level committees with assistance of strong states. I strongly believe that use of force is never a good option for eradicating this menace of violence against women. As taking example of our own country Pakistan, women have stood up for their rights many times and have done marches.

However, using force like throwing stones at them and beating them is not a good way. I feel through diplomacy states should seek help from strong and developed states, and form committees at state level.

Now the question is that what will be the purpose of the committee so, purpose of committee is to ,listen to the demands of women, Create awareness of gender based issues among women as well as men,providing financial assistance to the sufferers and providing job opportunities and lastly,encouraging women participation in all spheres in short diplomacy can help in ensuring gender equality among states.

In order to end violence against women, states need not only to focus on sufferers and victims of violence but also take steps for offenders.

Through diplomacy a rehabilitation model should be formed under which rehabilitation centres should be created where perpetrators should be sent for a certain period of time and through various courses their skills should be enhanced and their mindset should be reshaped.

Government, professionals and volunteers should work collectively for successful implementation and working of this model.

So, In my opinion my taking these measures into consideration we can eradicate violence against women.

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