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Rehmat Mandyawala; A village in his own soul

By: Ayaz Morris


This is the story of a simple and common farmer’s wisdom and practical life experience told by his own grandson. If I take off the mask of a trainer and motivational speaker from my face for a while, I find a writer inside myself. These roots are connected with my ancestors and soil.

Many people have played significant role at every stage of my life; that have helped me to develop myself and improve my skills. If I look at my personal, academic and professional life, the role of one person is very notable; it has become the real source of my true identity.

This inspiring personality is my late grandfather Rehmat Masih Mandyawala. In today’s article, I would like share to his life in brief, while his influence on my personal and professional journey, how much impact his life experiences and words had on me, above all, relationship of grandfather and grandson.

We need to talk about beautiful relationship in our society and how much the young generation needs it.

My grandfather Rehmat Masih was born in Mandyawala, a village near Sialkot, Punjab in 1924. He was the 8th among 9 brothers and sisters.

The family was in the leather business, my grandfather used to work with his elder brother Sardar Masih.

Dada studied the first few grades in school, but he says in a video interview that he was more interested in other activity; that is why he paid little attention to his studies. He married Sardaran Bibi , God gave him 3 sons and a daughter.

In the 1960’s my grandfather came to our present village Chak No. 270, T.D.A, Layyah, South Punjab. Where he bought a land and settled here with the family permanently.

They had to face many problems initially but Good time and circumstances turned the dice and this land began to sprout gold and our house was well settled. When I was growing up, there was a lot of prosperity in our house.

The whole family was headed by grandfather. Apart from farm work, grandfather took active part in the political, social and religious affairs of the village.

He used to visit the village and often relatives and other cities. Dada G was blessed by nature with countless qualities, blessings and abilities.

Financially, he was also very comfortable, all the basic facilities that a person needs were present in the house.

God also blessed him with the blessing of children. Rather, he was so lucky that he saw his fourth generation growing up until his death on November 1, 2021.

He was also very fortunate in terms of health. According to our family records and other sources, he lived about 102 years.

He was perfectly healthy till the last moment. His ability to speak, hear, see and eat was also excellent. He was practically active till the end, a few days before his death he was given the “Youth Ambassador” Lifetime Award, which he was very happy about.

Because I was not so good in studies, I was more inclined towards farming and other works. That’s why my grandfather named me “Master”. This name changed my life. When I came to Karachi, many people said, “Do you know the meaning of Master?” I said no, they said that the person who does M.A. is called a master. I struggled a lot in my studies; I failed in every class till M.A. After every failure, what gave me courage was that I really want to make my grandfather’s name, Master.

I had a friendship with my grandfather from the beginning, but there was a special attachment which was less with others. When I came to Karachi, he was very sad.

As my intellectual consciousness expanded, I began to realize his value. I began to realize the qualities of my grandfather in myself. When I came to the learning and development sector, his words started working in my practical life.

When I started my own work, he supported me the most. If I say that he was the biggest admirer of me, my work and ideas, then there is no doubt about it. Gradually, this friendship of ours became very strong; we used to talk on the phone almost every day. When I use to go other city for training session, I always go to our village while returning to Karachi.

When I used to came to my village home, he never left the house, but spent a lot of time with me. He often told me about such things, events and secrets about his life, family and village. If I asked him, Grandpa, why are you only telling me this?
He would reply that because you understand them and they will be useful to you in life. Dada’s friendship was with all kinds of people.

He always had special respect for people, especially artists. He was above religion. He believed in humanity. This was the reason that his friendship was with people of every religion, every age and every walk of life.

Among the many qualities of Dada, I like two very much. One is the art of talking and the ability to connect with people. He was a great artist of this art. His circle of friends ranged from Deputy Commissioner to ordinary farmers.

From children to little girls, elders to young boys, everyone was influenced by his personality. And everyone who meets him expresses attachment to him. Many people told me on his death that they were very close friends of Baba ji. I often wonder how he can maintain this feeling and connection with so many people.

His second quality was to solve problems, whenever there was any problem in our family and village, he would always propose such steps to solve it based on his experiences and wisdom, and everyone would be surprised. His personality was special that he was always ready to help others.

Someone told me about him that he was always involved in decision making and not in just politics. Talking to Dada, one never felt that he was old. He used to say that a person should live fully until he/she dies.

There are countless incidents of his life and golden sayings that changed my life. I am trying to get them all in a book form. My grandfather has taught me self-confidence, the courage to express my abilities and above all to respect myself.

I think that if such elders are present in our society and families, then the young generation will be able to get a practical example of valuing relationships. Grandpa used to say that relationships are exercises by humans and not by angels.

He realized the importance of precious relationship in his life, and then expressed it fully.

He would often call and say “Yar gaon Chakra To Laga Jai” (Please come to see me). I would immediately go to the village. On December 2020, I was in the village for Christmas.

There he heard me talking to the media live and came home in the evening and said, I heard a lot about you and used to watch it in the video, but today I saw it with my own eyes and I am so happy that now my soul can leave easily, because there is someone who can carry my legacy.

November 1st was grandfather’s first death anniversary, a year has passed and I don’t even realize it. The scene is still fresh in my eyes when his body was bathed and placed in a white coffin, I touched his feet and looked carefully at his face, and I felt as if he was sleeping after taking a bath.

People often ask how you write so well, my answer is that my words contain my blood, my words contain the spirit of my grandfather and my thoughts contain the quest of my grandfather, which is why I will continue to write.

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