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Shahrah e Faisal will be beautified like developed countries, Secretary Local Govt Sindh



Secretary Local Government Housing and Town Planning Sindh Engineer Syed Najam Ahmad Shah has said that steps should be taken to make Shahrah Faisal beautiful and attractive like world-class metropolitan cities. A joint authority should be formed to focus on the development beautification of the road.

These views were expressed by Secretary Local Government Sindh Engineer Syed Najam Ahmad Shah during a meeting held in his office in which officers and representatives of Pakistan Army, Karachi Development Authority, KMC and other important institutions were present.

Speaking on this occasion, Local Government Secretary Syed Najam Ahmad Shah said that Shahrah Faisal is a more or less 16 km long highway within the boundaries of Karachi, which passes through the boundaries of various authorities and municipalities located in the city.

He said that there is a need for an independent body to be empowered for the maintenance, cleanliness and revenue generation of this important road of the city, which shall also improve the overall beauty and maintenance of Shahrah e Faisal.

Engineer Syed Najam Ahmad Shah was told that till 1994, Karachi Development Authority was responsible for the maintenance and beautification of Shahrah Faisal, but later on, different situations arose regarding the jurisdiction, exercising of power and scope of different authorities.

Secretary Local Government Sindh responded that accordingly the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation should be responsible for the maintenance and beautification of Shahrah Faisal but it would be better if all the relevant municipalities, local government institutions and authorities sit together and try to formulate a joint strategy plan so that no dispute arises in future.

On this occasion, Najam Ahmad Shah gave the example of developed countries where independent and autonomous authorities have been formed for the maintenance and beautification of the main highways, which only beautify and maintains the road but also generates revenue which is used specifically for the development of that particular road.

Local Government Secretary further said that steps should be taken to place commemorative statues, history of Karachi, famous tourist spots, entertainment centers and digital signs at important points passing through Shahrah-e-Faisal and ensured that the identity and image of the city of Karachi continue to improve in the eyes of domestic and foreign guests.

Najam Ahmad Shah also emphasized that tax collection and revenue generation from Shahrah Faisal should be spent exclusively on its construction and development in accordance with all legal regulations so that Sindh government’s vision of brighter and cleaner Karachi shall be extended.

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