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Friends of Pakistan Sangi lawyers forum organized gathering for Advocates


A ceremony was organized by the Friends of Pakistan (Sangi) Lawyers Forum at Karachi City Court Abdul Sattar Edhi Bar Room. Famous and well-known lawyers participated in it. In the event Lawyers Forum Ijaz Khan Swati, Senior Advocate Nadeem Shahzad Hashmi, Senior Advocate KK Javed, Senior Advocate Hanif Qureshi, Senior Advocate Sadiq Tanoli, Senior Advocate Sardar Tariq Khan Niazi and other well-known lawyers participated. 

Addressing the ceremony, President of Friends of Pakistan (Sangi) Lawyers Forum, Ejaz Khan Swati said that lawyers are facing serious problems in the whole country, due to this the establishment of this forum is the need of the hour and under the shadow of this forum, all the lawyers from Gilgit to Karachi are united and will continue to play a role in providing justice for the convenience of the people.

Lawyers working with politicians, religious leaders and state participated in the event .

However , Senior Advocate Nadeem Shahzad Hashmi said that this forum is the forum of late Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, this forum is the forum of Allama Iqbal, this forum is the forum of Liaquat Ali Khan, as these leaders played an important role in making Pakistan and gather people of this Pakistan under shadow of one flag.

Similarly, the lawyers present in the Friends of Pakistan (Sangi) Lawyers Forum will not back down from making any sacrifice for the protection of the people and the provision of justice and the injustices done with the lawyers should be resolved immediately.

Lawyers have an important role in the history of Pakistan and because of these lawyers, Pakistan has survived to this day.

All the senior lawyers present at the opening ceremony of the Lawyers Forum gave a message to all the lawyers in Pakistan to join together regardless of race and color and make promised to the Friends of Pakistan (Singi) Lawyers Forum to protect their rights and provide justice for the people as soon as possible.

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