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ILF celebrates Diwali at Shri Lakshami Narayan Mandir



KARACHI: The Chairman of International Lawyers Forum (ILF), Nasir Ahmed Advocate has said that the inter-religious harmony is needed to maintain the prosperity, humanity and solidarity globally while all religions, sects and communities must be considered and respected to improve country’s severity.

On the occasion of Hindu community’s Diwali, a delegation headed by Chairman Nasir Ahmed Advocate on Monday along with hundreds of representatives of minorities, civil societies and faiths, reached at Shri Lakshami Narayan Mandir situated under the Nutty Jetty Bridge and celebrated Diwali with Hindu community.

Nirmala Kumari and Maharaj Vijay Kumar welcomed ILF delegation while dozens of young girls showered flowers on ILF delegation.

The program started with National Anthem, Barras Band of Sindh Police under the supervision of Hawaldar Ramzan presented national songs and impressive special Diwali Geet, Bishop of Pakistan Sadiq Danial, the Secretary of Swami Narayan Mandir State Trust, Anand Ram Hotwani, famous Sikh leader, Sardar Dayal Singh, Sister Nargis Sadiq, Sister Sakila of FMCK, well-known religious scholar Allama Abdul Khaliq, Qazir Siraj, Dr Naseem, William Sadiq and many other addressed the audience.

Dozens of intellectuals, professors, teachers, engineers and social activists while hundreds of lawyers participated in event and congratulated Diwalai to Hindu community.

Chairman, Nasir Ahmed Advocate strongly condemned the brutal murder of renowned Pakistani journalist, Arshad Sharif in Kenya last night an announced that ILF will investigate itself over this criminal act comprehensively.

Jamshed Ali Khowaja Advocate, the founder and the pioneer of Jamshed Foundation International (JFI), distributed the sweet in participants and gave Diwali gifts to children.

A special session of pray for the martyrdoms of Pak Army, Pakistan Rangers and Police was conducted during Puja while the participants recalled to become occupied Kashmir as part of Pakistan at any cost. Barrister SJA Jafri fulfilled the responsibilities of comparing.

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