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Phool Patti designs mesmerizing truck art masterpiece in Doha ahead of FIFA World Cup 2022



It was learned that by invitation from the Qatar museum to enter into an official partnership for Jedariart, a 2022 focal program in Doha, the Phool Patti team, comprised of its founder/Creative Director Ali Salman Anchan, Mumtaz Ahmad and Muhammad Amin, unveiled an awe-inspiring mural to the delight of everyone who has had the opportunity to see it. The mural is considering one of the best in Doha. The truck art mural is the embodiment of Phool Patti’s dedication to the cause of promoting Pakistan’s rich heritage and culture.

Jedariart this year’s season is just ahead of the FIFA World Cup, which is the best part because millions of people will experience truck art murals.

However, The mural size is around 23x33feet at Al Mansoura metro Station # 1 Doha, the truck art mural features typical truck art ornamentation including peacocks, falcons, Chakoor, jasmine, and rose flowers.

Whereas, The mural also features the Qatar desert and the Pakistani northern area mountains, and most of Pakistan elements.

The bottom of the mural which is highlighted with the truck art famous line “Dekh Magar Pyaar Say” (Look but only with Love) in Urdu and in English is complimented by the top portion which states “Qatar Pakistan Friendship” encircled in English and Urdu.

In addition to completing this truck mural masterpiece, Phool Patti was invited by Qatar Museum to speak about truck art at the fire station art gallery. Anchan explained Pakistan’s world famous and unique truck art to the attendees. Phool Patti impressed the crowds with its success story and all of its project’s achievements.

An Indian participant from all India permit explained how they are trying to revive their art in India they also painted murals in typography which they use on some of their truck

Salman Anchan informed that, Phool Patti is proud to be able to promote Pakistani truck art and the beauty of Pakistan’s heritage and art.

Anchan said The best part of Jedariart is the Pakistani truck art mural and the Indian Truck Mural is side-by-side I am sure people get more idea of both countries’ truck art from, and also know why Pakistan truck art is famous and why everyone loves it.

we are glad to receive very positive feedback from every walk of life from all over Doha, and also life time learning experience, he added.

Anchan also thanked the Qatar museum for the wonderful opportunity and amazing hospitality

The JedariArt program is an annual event that Qatar Museums organizes to add more life and color to the city, through well-designed murals and street art. The latest Jedariart edition is in collaboration with Phool Patti Pakistan’s Truck art Team , All India Permit, Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas, Ashghal, and WOQOD.

About Phool Patti

Phool is an Urdu word that translates to Flower in English and Patti means Petal. Phool Patti is a Pakistan-based social enterprise, founded by Ali Salman Anchan who is also the creative director of the entity.

They work to promote the unique and vibrant Pakistani Truck Art globally. They are famous for their creative ideas and professionalism; the creative team of dedicated individuals leads a proactive promotion of the cultural identity of Pakistan in all levels.

Phool Patti became a true ambassador of Pakistan globally. Today, Truck art has become the cultural emblem of Pakistan and a great part of this feat can be fairly attributed to the efforts of Ali Salman Anchan

The Phool Patti Team has won numerous public and received worldwide honors and testaments. Its aim is to advance the positive picture of Pakistan.

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