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Health workers protest to continue until restoration of Health risk allowance, Information Secretary Pakistan Peoples Paramedical Staff Karachi Division




Karachi : Muhammad Naveed Anwer Secretary Information Pakistan Peoples Paramedical Staff Karachi Division informed Daily City News that Until the health risk allowance is restored, the protest will remain continue in all health facilities of Provincial government.

He stated that, From the past three years, health workers around the world, including doctors, nurses, paramedical staff are fighting with the deadly virus Covid-19 as frontline workers and are sacrificing their lives.

Tributes have been paid to frontline workers around the world, he added.

Whereas he said, abuse of these health workers in Sindh province is not acceptable at any cost.

However he informed, After winning the war the shield or reward is awarded in the army, while the health workers fighting with Covid-19 are being forced to protest.

Stopping the health risk allowance of the health workers by the health department is injustice with all the health workers, he said.

It is insulting and humiliating to use employees in the time of Covid-19 and to reward them with titles like they will be found in the market, he said.

Naveed Anwer shared that, may be Covid-19 or any other epidemic take hold of the world once again and at that time you will be reminded of your injustice with health staff.

We strongly demand the Government of Sindh and the health department to restore the health risk allowance of health workers immediately, he added.

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