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SHCC conducts Anti Quackery operation in District Central Karachi

Sindh Healthcare Commission (SHCC) conducts successful Anti-Quackery operations on ‘Quacks’ in coordination with DC Central Karachi.  
According to the Director-Anti Quackery, Sindh Healthcare Commission (SHCC), the overall momentum of inspections and enforcements ( I&E) is on the rise across the province in Karachi and other parts of Sindh.
In North Karachi alone, a 7-day operation on ‘quacks’ was conducted in different areas.
A total of 10 clinics were sealed in violation of the law and 9 legal notices were issued to non-complaint and unauthorized healthcare establishments ( HCE’s ) under section U/S 39-i ( h) of SHCC Act and Regulations 2017.
On a positive note, 15 HCE’s were found to be in-compliance with the law as per SHCC Act and Regulations 2017.
It is notable to mention that the main success factor is the consistent coordination Deputy Commissioner Office and SHCC in District Karachi Central, to crackdown on ‘quackery’ with similar operations being planned in other districts of the province.
Positive media support is also there to help highlight the joint efforts in the fight against quackery.
Both SHCC and DC office are fully committed to ensure that facts are highlighted on actions taken and any fake news being circulated in the district is investigated through fact-finding missions.

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