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Land Mafia occupying Landhi Babar Market, PTI leader Mumtaz Shah

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Sports and Culture Federation Karachi President Mumtaz Ali Shah has said in his Press statement that Landhi Babar Market is being occupied illegally and land mafia operatives are occupying the land by making fake documents .  
PTI leader stated that the said land is of KDA but land mafia is showing fake documents of KMC and the administration is silent on it.
He claimed, the land mafia operatives are occupying land with the support of administration.
The occupation should be removed from Babar Market and he also asked to support the President of Small Industries Union, he added.
However, he urged to the Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan , Chief Justice of Sindh High Court to take Sumoto should take notice of this and save the poor citizens from this land mafia .
 He said Similarly, the land mafia is occupying Korangi Lucknow society and other vacant plots by creating a fake documents and oppressing the poor.
He asked judiciary for action against all land grabbers and also against all people even they belong from any political party.

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