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Inspiring Woman, Empowering Women

By: Ayaz Morris



In the midst of cause and political polarization and social economic Crises something good has come to Pakistan.

The good news is that Pakistani women have proved once again that they are none less to anyone in the world, if they have support of family, proper education, skill and encouraging environment around.

Women empowerment and their development are fundamental forces for development of any society, and if this development is done by women itself. This is very significant difference in society. Tennis Star Serena Williams said this beautifully.

“The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up. Make sure you’re very courageous: be strong, be extremely kind, and above all be humble.”

In this article I am very excited to share with you the story of Christina Peter, She is Executive Director of Award.
I got this wonderful opportunity to interview her few months back for my YouTube channel but on this precious moment when she made whole country proud by her excellent achievement.

Christina Peter wins World Women Summit Foundation Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life 2022. This Award has been granted by World Women Summit Foundation situated in Geneva Switzerland on the occasion of International Day for Rural Women. Christina Peter is one out of 4 women who have won the prize while 476 women leaders were nominated from 122 countries of the world for this prestigious award.

She had started this work in 1994 from home in Faisalabad with small set up. Now her organizations have served so many women.
Christina Peter (54) has a precious energy for humanity.

She started her NGO named AWARD (Association for
Women’s Awareness and Rural Development) with a dream of making women aware of their rights and changing the economic situation of poor rural women.

During the last 27 years, through her organization AWARD and under 5 thematic areas, she has been able to open 130 vocational training schools in 130 villages of Punjab and KPK to train young school dropout girls.

She also initiated a small micro credit program and a small business grants program for nearly 4’500 women and 1’300 young people to open small businesses, respectively.

Christina Peter has also helped 2’000 rural children to get to schools and continue their education. Through several interventions, she has been able to sensitize 45’000 women and men on women’s rights, on women protection laws and effects of early age marriages.

Moreover, to alleviate the gender inequality from the society and community members, numerous human rights workshops were conducted in the rural areas with rural communities, especially with male members to bring vivid change in rigid mindsets.

Furthermore, she served thousands of affected, vulnerable and deserving people during the earthquake 2005, the flood 2010, and COVID-19 with food and non-food items and shelter.

Under her leadership, all these programs have created a great impact in the lives of the communities especially for rural women.

AWARD also cares for the preservation of the environment and planted 722’656 trees in various districts of the province Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhaw, following the vision to Stop deforestation, including 7 million fruit and non-fruit trees in the earthquake affected areas Of the District Mansehra in 2005; 12’000 trees in flood affected areas of the District Muzzafargarh in 2021; and the rest Of the trees were planted in the Districts of Faisalabad and Toba Tek Singh.

With AWARD, Christina Peter is contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Agenda, especially the targets M i, g 5, # 10, # 13, # 15, # 16
She said that the most common problems of women are: Poverty, lack of education, skills, and information about their rights and of Govt. Initiatives, poor health, unemployment, housing and many more.

She believes that the only solution is Education, technical skills and small business. That can reduce poverty.

Information is necessary to know what Government and other institutions are doing for women development.
She through her organization is working at grass roots level with marginalized communities especially women and youth without discrimination of cast, color, creed and religion.

They are providing information about their rights, about women related issues health, education, and economic empowerment.
AWARD is providing skills to uneducated, unskilled and school dropout girls.

They are empowering women through provision of grants and small loans to women and youth to start small businesses for economic stability of families and country. Also relief and rehabilitation activities for affected families during natural disasters.

The impact Christina Peter has made is commendable. Her dedication and passion to serve society is something we should admire.
If we want to change our society by empowering women, we need role model like Christina Peter who has done remarkable work at grassroots level. Women like Christina Peter are the true change advocate who believes in empowering women by their inspiring journey.
We are thankful to Christina Peter to bring this award and pride to Pakistan. We are really proud of her achievement.

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