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Discussion held in Iqra University North Campus regarding Dengue spread

Dengue is spreading rapidly throughout the country this year, which requires not only medical facilities but also public awareness. 
These views were expressed by the well-known microbiologist Prof. Dr. M. Rafiq Khanani in a panel discussion held at the Iqra University North Campus while doing the awareness campaign about Dengue (Know All About Dengue).
He said that if a timely diagnosis is made, it is possible to treat people infected with the Dengue .
In the panel discussion, symptoms, consequences, and treatment of the Dengue were also discussed in detail.
 On this occasion, Dr. Masroor, Dean of Iqra University Health Sciences, Dr. Hasan Waseem, Dr. Lubna, Dr. Sobia Hasan, Dr. Tehreem Anees, Dr. Alisha Noreen, Dr. Tabinda, along with other faculty members were also present.
 At the end of the event , Dr. Masroor presented shield to Dr. M. Rafiq Khanani and expressed his gratitude to the participants.

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