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Pakistan’s own Delsys, delivered fuel uninterruptedly during rain and flood


Delsys actively participated in providing fuel to the citizens during the rains and urban flood in the city of Karachi, Jamshoro, Hyderabad, and its adjoining towns, Muhammad Omer Khan, CEO of Delsys Technologies, says that “As the city of Karachi and other parts of Sindh have faced heavy rains during the recent monsoon because of climate change.

During the flood, People were facing difficulty to receive essential supplies due to fuel shortages due to the damaged road infrastructure thus Delsys ensures the supply of fuel to the doorstep of the transport and logistics companies and Gensets in homes to help fellow citizens in the time of need and not only that, Delsys also ensured the quality and quantity of fuel as their motto.

Especially in Karachi, the traffic flow was slow due to which many vehicles faced a shortage of fuel and also need fuel to go from home to the petrol pump because they did not have to leave the vehicle and carry the tank to the petrol pump, with just one call from them.

Delsys ensured the supply of fuel and thus turned his difficulty into ease. This was a new experience for the citizens as they greatly appreciated it.

He further said that the company is planning now to expand its network across the country after overwhelmingly positive feedback and love from the people of Pakistan.

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