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Phool Patti truck art team reached Doha for project ahead of FIFA World Cup 2022


Ali Salman Anchan founder/Creative director of Phool Patti Truck art alongwith his team were invited by Qatar State Museums to truck art project in DOHA ahead of the FIFA World Cup

Qatar Museums Planning and Public art department, Phool Patti’s project have been approved by the Qatar state, Phool Patti has entered into an Official partnership with the Qatar museum for its Local program, Jedariart, in Doha this year 2022, for two weeks 10th Oct to 24th Oct.

Three members of the Phool Patti team under the leadership of Ali Salman Anchan, Director Mumtaz Ahmad and member Muhammad Amin will be part of the project in Doha , before the FIFA world cup.

Qatar Museums Planning program invited local and international artists and organizations to create murals, artworks, and unique public art installations for a local program called Jedariart in Doha. Jedariart brings together local artists to create art on walls across the city through murals and it promotes international recognition and supports the diversity and spirit of our emerging.

Ali Salman Anchan stated that, Phool Patti is thrilled to be part of this project, especially in advance of the FIFA World Cup, all because millions of people will experience the Pakistan truck art.

Ot was learned that, A small team of dedicated individuals leads a proactive promotion of the cultural identity of Pakistan at all levels Phool Patti became a true ambassador of Pakistan globally.

However, Today, Truck art has become the cultural emblem of Pakistan and a great part of this feat can be fairly attributed to the efforts of Ali Salman Anchan as they are best in public and cultural diplomacy. 

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