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Poor People living on roads without facilities in Sindh, Chief Organizer PPP Shaheed Bhutto Youth


Karachi :The leaders of  PPP Shaheed Bhutto Youth including Chief Organizer Muhammad Ali Mirjat, Organizer Salahuddin Chachar, Dr. Meer Murtaza, Abdullah Narejo, Lala Shafqat Pathan, Waseem Alamani and others have said that due to the rains in Sindh, poor people are living on the roads without facilities.

They are forced to live their lives on roads, The political leaders of the PPP Zardari government have done injustice with millions of poor workers by drowning their agricultural lands to save their lands.

Dengue malaria is spreading rapidly in all the districts of North Sindh including Karachi and many young people have lost their lives due to malaria.

The Sindh Government should take measures on an emergency basis to control malaria, which has become an epidemic, while dengue has become an epidemic in the city of Karachi.

Due to the day and night corruption of the rulers of Sindh, the people are suffering a double punishment due to which now the people of Sindh are wasting their precious lives in diseases.

Millions of people of Sindh are protesting, but the federal government and the Sindh government are keeping their old tradition, wearing cotton in their ears and blindfolds and receiving aid from foreign countries and filling their warehouses.

The leaders have demanded that the farmers of Sindh should be given interest-free loans.

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