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Faiq demands a joint action plan to bring economic and political stability


Chairman Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) Muhammad Faiq Shah has called upon all political parties to jointly formulate action plan/strategy for economic and political stability, otherwise, he made it clear it could be difficult to bring thing into orders and improvement without it.  

Whether it’s surfing audio leak or video, ethics should not be neglected, which could have negative impacts on the society and arise anarchy and discord, Shah said.

The ATP chairman while talking to different delegations in his central office on Tuesday termed differences between words and deeds of politicians as the major issue.

Claims and promises are limited to some other actions due to which they are facing such situations, Shah noted.

He continued to say that secrets are only for national security, which protection is the obligation of every responsible, saying that this is an unforgivable crime.

Shah called upon all political parties to jointly formulate an action plan/strategy for economic and political stability, without that improvement cannot be possible, he added.

The party leader opined protocol, security and uncontrollable expenditures and wastage of national wealth, saying that: “It remains only the job of governments”?

Faiq asked: “When will modesty, austerity and realism come in our governments”?

He emphasized that the choice of political parties should be reconsidered.

Real face of democracy will appear when maximum authority could be ensured to people, he stressed.

Up till now we cannot eject from protocol on pattern of Viceroy, it is the biggest slavery, Shah remarked.

The ATP chairman asserted that real democracy is essential to get freedom from it, wherein participation of all public segments can be ensured in decision making and accountability.

It should be given a shape of joint board, he proposed.

He said his party would give a complete sketch which would resolve these issues promptly.

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