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Ali Salman Anchan promotes Pakistan’s Indigenous Truck Art in Canada


Founder of Phool Patti Ali Salman Anchan led an eventful tour to Canada promoting Pakistan’s indigenous and celebrated Truck Art.

The team visited Canada on the invitation of the Pakistan High Commission Canada. A series of events

was organized for Phool Patti team in which they interacted and introduced Pakistani Truck Art to the local residents of Canada. The team also interacted with the Pakistani community there.

Phool Patti has always been at the forefront promoting Pakistan’s positive image globally through their art.

They started off with an event organized in the Senate of Canada organized by honorable senator Salma

Attaullah Jan in collaboration with the Pakistan High Commission Ottawa.

More than 40 parliamentarians and senators were invited to the event. Phool Patti team received

Certificate of Appreciation from Senator Attaullah Jan for their excellent work.

Following the successful event at the Canadian senate, Ali Salman Anchan and Phool Patti team

exhibited their skills at a two-day event held in Ottawa’s Bank Street. The team painted a wall with Truck

Art at on the main street. His Excellency Pakistan’s High Commissioner Zaheer A Janjua and respected

Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson opened the event. Members of City Councillor Catherine McKenney and

officials of Global Affairs Canada were also present.

The event brought together a heterogeneous crowd. Members of Pakistani community, Canadian

government officials, and people from all walks of life reached the Truck Art exhibition.

Mayor Watson remarked that the talented Phool Patti team turned a white barren wall into colorful attraction in the city.

A big event was hosted at the Canadian parliament by Canada-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group at Parliament Hill.

The organizer of the event was the Canadian Member of Parliament Mrs. Salman Zahid in Collaboration with Pakistan High Commission Ottawa, Canadian Member of Parliament Mrs. Salman Zahid, Mrs. Iraq Khalid, Mr. Chandra Arya Pakistan’s high commissioner to Canada, Zaheer Aslam Janjua, and his spouse, as well as Consul General Vancouver Mr. Janbaz Khan, Toronto. Mr.Abdul Hameed, and Montreal Mr. Ishtiak Ahmed Akil, Minister/DHC Mr. Shahbaz Mailk, Counselor Mrs. Atiya, Press Counsellor Mr. Hamid Raza Khan 

This was a cultural event that featured a live demonstration of Pakistani truck art.

After successful events in Ottawa team Phool Patti headed to Toronto where Pakistan’s Consul General to Canada Abdul Hameed from Toronto also arranged a series of events including introductions and meet-ups with local communities and dignitaries.

Consul General Hameed introduced us to the community.

A stall of Phool Patti was arranged at Halal Food Festival Mississauga halal food festival where the displayed their artwork.

The team would like to pay a special thanks to Mr. Amir Shami who has been organizing the festival for a decade in Mississauga Phool Patti team expresses gratitude to all the Pakistani-Canadian legislatures, the Canadian business community and the mayor who specially visited our stall and appreciated our work.

Here, journalist and media personalities also deserve a special mention for covering the eventful journey of Phool Patti team.

Interestingly, there are a few more projects line up by CG Toronto with different GTA cities councils. 

The team also delivered a lecture at an event organized by the Pakistan Embassy in Toronto and Pakistan’s Consul General His Highness Abdul Hameed in which various members of business community of Hamilton were invited.

Phool Patti team introduced the attendees to the Truck Art of Pakistan and its significance.

Phool Patti designed all wooden penal for City of Brampton for Pakistan and Canadian friendship which will be placed soon in somewhere in city Brampton.

Mayor of Brampton Mr. Patrick Brown also presented Phool Patti Team with Certificate of Appreciation for artwork in the city.

First-ever Truck art designed Supra Car Now comes the most exciting project- painting the first-ever Supra Car with Pakistani Truck Art in Canada. 

Ali Salman Anchan with his teammates M Amin and Mumtaz Ahmad painted the car owned by

Mr. Tabish Khan. The Supra is also the first car painted with Truck Art in Canada GTA.

Phool Patti Team received overwhelming response from Pakistani diaspora and local community in Canada  With special efforts from Pakistan Mission in Canada.

Message from Phool Patti Team:

Phool patti team is promoting Pakistan’s soft image around the world and with creative idea and hard work, it has become the leading artwork team of Pakistan.

Truck Art is Pakistan’s indigenous artwork and we here at Phool Patti wish to take this art around the world.

The team takes pride in playing its part in the promotion of the positive image of Pakistan around the world.

Challenging negative stereotypes associated with Pakistan is another task we take on at Phool Patti.

We strive to establish culture to culture contact with global communities.

Pakistan is at the heart of every project we do globally. We look for avenues to promote Pakistan’s Truck Art with a goal to contribute to the economy of Pakistan.

Phool Patti will continue to grow and carry the name of Pakistan everywhere it will go in the future.

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