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PPP DMC East CBA intra-party election; Shaheen symbol panel Clean sweep

An Intra-party election of Peoples Labour Union CBA DMC East was held at Gulshan Zone Office in which Shaheen (Eagle) Symbol panel clean sweep by winning all positions . 
Mansoor Ali with 48 votes elected as President, Owais Ahmed as Chairman, Rizwan Ahmed as Vice Chairman, Bashir Ahmed Senior Vice President, Muhammad Ashraf as General Secretary, Syed Riffat Ali Jafri as Finance Secretary, Misum Ali as Information Secretary,
Muhammad Rashid Usmani as Deputy Information Secretary of PPP Labour Union CBA DMC East.
On the occasion  President of People’s Labour Bureau Sindh Habib Junaidi along with President of Peoples Labour Bureau Karachi Division Aslam Samo, General Secretary Hussain Badshah, Senior Leader of PPP District East Ali Shad Ahmed visited DMC East during intra-party election.
While speaking with the Office bearers of CBA Mansoor Ali stated that Peoples Labour Union CBA DMC East will continue its work for the betterment of DMC East employees and would not leave any employee alone.
He assured DMC East employees and specially CBA members that resolution of your issues are our top most priority and CBA will take practical steps for its redressal.
At last Union Office bearers thanked to all the members for casting their votes and showing their support to Shaheen Panel.

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