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This is not time for politics, but protection of humanity; Faiq Shah



Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) chairman Muhammad Faiq Shah on Thursday appealed the well-off people to extend help and generous financial support for the affected brothers in their difficult situation.

Shah was talking to the party’s leaders during his visit to South Punjab, Sindh, Swat and Balochistan.

He said party activists and workers were taking part in relief activities in South Punjab, Sindh, Swat and Balochistan and provided every kind of service to flood-hit brothers, calling it as a national and national spirit, which is characteristic of the Pakistani nation.

Shah went on to say that this time is not for politics, but for the protection of humanity, in which every individual needed to play a proactive role.

The ATP chief expressed heartfelt gratitude to friendly countries for extending generous assistance for the flood victims of Pakistan.

Shah noted dangers of outbreak of dengue virus in Punjab and water-borne diseases in flood affected areas have been sharply.

The party leader asked the government and volunteers to take immediate steps so that they can be protected from another major human catastrophe and tragedy.

He on the occasion paid glowing tribute to the party workers for helping and providing services to the flood victims around the clock.

Meanwhile, following the directives of the ATP chairman Faiq Shah, the party central leader Wasim Ahmed Dar dispatched relief goods for flood victims in Southern Punjab.

Wasim Dar along with social activist Rashida Batta and ATP local leader Mohsin Batta visited Uchal and Taunsa and other far flung flood affected areas in district Multan and distributed food and other items among the flood affected families.

The ATP leaders noted there was dire need of food, medicine and tents for flood victims in Uchal and Taunsa. They appealed to philanthropists to come forward to help flood affectees at every level.

They informed the locals that ATP has already sent teams under the leadership of the central leaders in various districts.

The party leaders emphasized that this is not time for politics and need to think above everything and urged the government of Punjab to take prompt measures to alleviate miseries of flood victims.

The ATP leaders said there was much echoed about establishment of South Punjab Secretariat but nothing has been seen on ground and practicality in this regard.

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