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One in a Million Pakistani Campaign by Rashid Khan


Pakistanis who live in Pakistan have experienced agony and suffering as a result of the recent heavy rains and floods in Pakistan, particularly in Balochistan, while Pakistanis who live outside of Pakistan also experience their extreme anguish and grief.

One such person is Rashid Mehmood Khan, a Pakistani who resides in Istanbul, Turkey, and who also serves as the director of a non-governmental organization in Pakistan.

Khan launched the “one in a million Pakistani” campaign in support of Pakistan’s flood victims, particularly those in Balochistan.

While speaking with Daily City News Rashid Khan stated that “Pakistan and Pakistanis are among the nations that donate the most to charity in the world. Pakistanis are a kind-hearted people.

We have a population of twenty-two hundred million Pakistanis; if just one million of them donate just ten rupees to help our Baluchistan brothers and sisters, it will amount to one crore. I made the decision to use social media to reach one million Pakistanis in light of this “said Rashid Mehmood Khan, CEO of the Pakistan-based Visionary Foundation.

He continued, “Currently, 80 million people in Pakistan use mobile phones, and many of them give and receive money using mobile phones in some fashion.

I believed that even a regular Pakistani could send “Ten Rupees” using his mobile phone with ease thanks to services like Easy Paisa, MobiCash, and Jazz Cash, he added.

Moreover he said  I started sending messages to people on whatsapp and Facebook. You’ll be happy to learn that I actually began receiving donations of Rs. 10, Rs. 20, and Rs. 63.

In reality, governments cannot handle such a massive tragedy on their own, and secondly, a normal person feels alarmed by its scale but wonders what he can do, he said.

Moreover he shared, However, any severe tragedy can be avoided and the affected people can receive some help if each and every person does their minimum contribution.

On the occasion of Pakistan’s 75th Independence Day, we are also providing donors with a digital “Paka Pakistani Certificate” as a thank-you gift for their contributions, he informed.

Speaking about his mission he said, They can easily share this certificate on social media, and it will help them feel as though they have done their part to support Pakistanis in need. Along with this, a general message that at least one million Pakistanis stood with them during this trying period will also be sent to the poor people of Balochistan.

Whereas he told tat, Till time we have raised equal to 22 Thousand Pakistani at the rate of Rs. 10, which equal to 220,000 Rupees, which has been sent only by 72 common Pakistanis.

Rations and food will be distributed to the victims at their doorsteps in the Nooshki area of Balochistan, Tehsil Taunsa Sharif of South Punjab, and Yousuf Goth and Sarjani of Karachi using the funds raised so far for this campaign. Regular maintenance on their self-respect is carried out, he said.


However he said, You can assist your brothers and sisters in Balochistan who are suffering by giving ten rupees, one hundred rupees, or one thousand rupees on this Independence Day.

By visiting the Visionary Foundation Pakistan’s social media accounts you may join the campaign right away and support your fellow Pakistanis who are in need, he added.

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