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See the world through children’s eyes

By: Ayaz Morris



The relationship between parents and children is a lifelong relationship. Age, time and circumstances do not hinder the importance of this relationship, but in our society, parents put a lot of emphasis on the education of their children while completely neglecting the training and formation.

In my observations and direct life experiences, I can say that parents desperately need “Special Training” to raise children. The points and foundations on which we were brought up are in no way applicable to today’s children. Parents are unable to provide children the love, feelings, attention and self-esteem that will support them throughout their lives.



Children need their parents throughout their lives to maintain psychological, emotional, spiritual and human relationships.

Most parents consider and love children only until their infancy, whereas children need this attention and feeling throughout their lives.

Why is it that when a child is small, he/she often falls down and parents immediately hug him/ her, pat on the back and head to quiet and comfort him/her? We forget that the child falls because of his/her own mistake, how many times we have told and taught the child not to do this, it will cause harm, but the child still follows his/ her curiosity, while ignoring our instructions.

Why parents when children are young, ready to forgive their children, but as these children grow up and make the same kind of mistakes, we get angry with our children, and punish them.

Why don’t we love them? Children grow up as much as they want; they are still children to their parents. Remember! Your children will remain children to you all their lives. They only grow up for the world, If you want your children to always be your children, then forgive them for their mistakes like children, because for parents, children remain children all their lives, they can achieve whatever position they want in the world.


Parents need to understand that your children are a mirror of your personality, behavior and character. They reflect your thoughts, ideas and philosophy of life with their morals, character and personality. Children are the ambassadors of the new era. Learn from them and let their independent personalities live. Parents forget that children see digital media through their new eyes, not your eyes. Parents should see the children’s world and see it from the children’s point of view.

Parents are human beings too, so their children will not improve only with prayers and advice; you have to give them a practical example and real life role model.


It is also a fact that parents who do not care about their children’s emotional and psychological personality and behaviors in childhood are people who complain about their children’s negative behaviors in old age. Your children are not only your future, but also your past and present. They are a reflection of your overall being. Develop self-esteem in your children, balanced emotional attachment, and a tendency to engage in positive self-talk. This will fuel their engine for success and growth. To bring up your children well, create a friendly and happy atmosphere at home, use simple words while talking to your children. Be supportive to them and avoid making hasty decisions about children.


Spend time with each child individually; seek their opinion before making any decisions related to children. Encourage children to engage in positive and healthy activities. If you want to make your future safe and strong, keep an eye on your children’s current situation, look at the world through children’s eyes to understand the children’s world. Learn from children to see this world with new lens.

Renowned author Paulo Coelho said. “A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.”

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