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Spiritual Soul

By: Jaya Gill



“,Here is a truth you often don’t hear: traumatized women have the potential to become the most powerful people in this world.

The most ignorant members of society call this type of woman “damaged.” But she is the most powerful type of woman there is.

What they forget is that survivors have the most dangerous advantage of all: resilience.

When you try and you try but you can never bring a woman down, you’ll know there is no going back. Don’t fool yourself. You could never

defeat her. You never will. This is the woman who will always rise from the dead: Lady Lazarus, after going through hell and back. This is the woman who has burned her feet in the flames time and time again and always lives to tell another tale – even if she has to crawl back to life.

She was never given love or approval on a silver platter, so in order to survive, she had to love herself in a way other could only dream of. She fought tooth and nail

for her own self-acceptance. No one cuddled her as a child or told her pretty. She knows she can survive because she already has and will again. When someone tells her, “You can’t do it,” she says, “Watch me.”

Now when she creates, she creates new worlds and transforms and manifests on a level that cannot be recreated by someone who never had to struggle to survive.

When you hear the voice of a powerful survivor and the will of a warrior- there is nothing you can do but to stop and listen. She is the voice of a million lifetimes lived.

She is the voice of the hopeless and the powerless when the fire is brought back to their eyes. She is the harbinger of the justice that the voiceless have

longed to hear and feel and touch. Regardless of how much you try and how it may seem, you can never truly bring a survivor like this to her knees; she already knows the value her scars bring.

You can’t ever defeat a “damaged” woman, because she knows exactly how to save herself.

Your Opinion of Me

Sometimes it hurts more to stay away from what hurts you than to keep allowing it to hurt you. That’s why you make excuses when they don’t exist. That’s why you create hope that, ironically, makes you hopeless. That’s why you put locks on doors before you try to open them. Life is simple. Love is everywhere. You just have to change where you’re looking. You have to change what you’re seeing. See the best in yourself before you see it in others because, if you can’t see the best in yourself, you will come to believe the worst that people believe of you. You will fool yourself into believing that their opinion of you is essential to your happiness. Be honest with yourself for a moment. Those who see the impact that they have on your life and choose to use it in a manipulative way do not belong in your life. A true leader will tell you to stop following him if he notices that you’re following. A manipulative person will be happy to see your willingness to do whatever is asked of you. I’m not saying that you need to remove these people from your life. I’m just telling you to stop associating your happiness with theirs if they don’t consider you a part of it. Stop equating your worth with their opinion of you.


There will be a time that we’ll be afraid of welcoming people into our lives. We’ll be scared of letting people in and get attached with them. The reason is our fear of suffering the pain of letting go. And the first and the most basic thing that we’ll think of doing to protect ourselves is to stay away from the people we’re afraid of getting attached – which is so hard because it is equivalent to avoiding the privilege of becoming happy. And there’s a thing that will worsen it: we will be caught in the middle of choosing which pain to endure; which pain can we stand better the pain caused by unhappiness and loneliness, or the pain that we know, nobody will ever be strong enough to stand against it – the pain of letting go.

“I hope you find what you’re looking for out there.

i hope you find the kind of happiness that exists on your own terms. i hope you take out the time to truly figure out what moves you, what encourages you and what you deeply crave for your life, and i hope you have the courage to chase that. i hope you have the courage to believe that you are deserving of everything you desire, that you are capable and worthy of curating the kind of life for yourself that sparks something within you- i hope you never let convenience or easiness stand in your way. you’re capable of a lot and i hope you know that.

i hope you find the kind of love that makes you a softer person. the kind of love that sparks a fire deep within. i hope you find someone that quickly becomes your favourite thing- someone who makes hard moments somewhat easy. someone who makes the fall less fearful. someone you can’t help but choose every single day. i hope you find something real and i hope you hold onto it. it’s not easy to find. but at the end of the day, i hope you find everything you’re looking for. i hope your life inspires you.

“I can talk to you about broken families, addiction, depression, loss, survival, grief, heartache, death, abuse, neglect, abandonment, suicide and betrayal. I can also talk to you about empathy, kindness, compassion, love, energy, forgiveness, self love, self-care, strength, peace, healing, recovery, unity, gratitude, grace, hope and the power of positivity. All of these experiences have taken part in creating the woman I am today. I am a combination of both the light and the darkness I may be flawed but even with rough edges I’m still worth loving. I am not ashamed of my story. I am a survivor.

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