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Process of defaming DMC East continuous with fake allegations


A news Published on a local newspaper in which DMC East Administrator Rehmatullah Shaikh, Municipal Commissioner Fahim Khan and Director Anti Encroachment Sohail Sadiq criticized for encroachments on main University road by the fish seller and other businesses.

On the anonymity of name an officer of DMC East informed that, the so called published news is totally wrong as KMC has the power to take action against encroachments on University Road and its service road.

He stated that these types of reports are published just to defame the administration of DMC East which is busy in serving its citizens.

It was learned that, DMC East only take action on main roads and service roads falling in the jurisdiction of KMC when higher authorities order.

He said that it is a gross violation of journalistic principles and values, which require attention of journalistic organizations to take notice, to stop the corrupt practices in the field of journalism.

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