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Govt urged to subsidize Paper, Printing industry to save from destruction


KARACHI: Abid Nisar, Former Vice Chairman, All Pakistan Paper Merchants Association, Former Chairman, Import & Anti-Smuggling subcommittee KCCI has appealed to the government to give subsidy to the paper and printing industry to save it from destruction, and said that the value of the dollar has reached a high level and the crisis has intensified due to the profiteering of the local paper mills, while the prices of books, copies have skyrocketed due to the increase in paper prices, due to which the majority of students will be deprived of textbooks and copies despite the start of the new academic year and the dream of making the nation educated will not be fulfilled.

Abid Nisar pointed out that due to the huge increase in the price of paper, textbooks and copies have become so expensive that they are beyond the reach of the common man, so the government should think about this.

“The government should subsidize the paper and printing industry so that students can get textbooks and copies at reasonable prices and avoid wasting their academic year, he said,” adding that the cost of doing business has already increased enormously due to high electricity rates, continuous increase in the value of the dollar, and now political instability also caused difficulties for the business community.

He was of the view that the exports are decreasing, but the government does not care, rather the politicians are only bent on sinking the economy in the circle of the chair. In view of the serious economic crisis and the current situation of the country, the business community is worried about how the business will run in the coming days?

Abid Nisar added that Karachi is the economic hub of Pakistan, but unfortunately the city of Karachi, the center of business and industrial activities, is badly neglected, whichever government comes, Karachi is treated like a stepmother. The infrastructure is in very bad condition.

He said that the packages for Karachi are announced but unfortunately the funds are not given and the packages are limited to announcements only. He requested the government to take serious measures to save the trade and industry from being destroyed so that the economy can be brought out of the crisis. Pakistan has given us a lot; we should also give something to this country. We have great honor in the world and we have to keep this honor high

Abid Nisar also emphasized that new dams should be built to prevent water wastage which would increase power generation and provide cheap electricity to industries as well as irrigate crops.

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