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What is real success?

By: Ayaz Morris


Everyone wants to be successful. In human nature there is a natural desire to progress, to develop and do something and move forward. Success has a price that very few are willing to pay.

What is success? How to achieve it? What is the formula to achieve success? And the most important question, who is successful and how is success to be determined, measured or evaluated?

Let’s talk more about this topic. This is an important thing, no human being is either completely successful or completely unsuccessful in life, and every person has many times of success and failure in the world. The real thing is how many successes and failures came to his/ her share at the end of this journey of life.

In fact, the definition and measurement of success creates the real problem because everyone tries to measure the success of others according to their own scale and standard, making their own ways to measure success, which in my view is the biggest and most basic mistake. This is what makes the concept of success very narrow and artificial.

Religion, philosophy, psychology, science and society each have a different concept of success. For thousands of years, humans have discussed what constitutes success. The concept of success will be different for a child, a teenager and an adult. The concept and measure of success may not be the same for a common village farmer and a businessperson in the city.

In my view the concept, theory and measurement of success is completely different and most of you may not agree with it, which is your basic right because my and your background, thoughts, situations, events and things are different. The perspective of seeing and judging the things is the difference and this is the beauty of nature that every human is different and unique.

I think that success does not have any definite and final measure, but there can be some rules or regulations based on which we can call a person successful to some extent, but still according to my thinking, every person has his/her own concept of success. Accordingly, success needs to be judged on everyone’s own terms.

The first basic and important principle is that the person we call successful considers him/her successful and is happy and satisfied with his/her success.

The second principle is whether that person has been able to influence his /her close people with his/her success.
The third principle is that the person considers his/her success as an example for others to follow.

I think there can be many more principles and questions but these are the basic and important questions that can help us to broaden the concept of success. The standard and measure of success in our society, all that can be said about it, is very limited to material objects, while success is something far above.

My thoughts on success, I think that every person is successful whose children say that they want to be like their parents. Whose parents can proudly say that we are proud to be the parents of our child.
Otherwise you think that having enough money is success, if you don’t understand then lose your capital, you will understand your real reality in this society. Many people also ask me do you consider yourself successful.

I say yes, because the greatest mentor of my life, my grandfather, told me before he died at the age of 102 years that I am satisfied to see your work and to hear you speaking, Now I can say that my generation will carry on my legacy. Now I can die in peace, and my soul will be in peace. And he promised me that when I will die, you have come to bury me.

I saw that joy on my grandfather’s face as he died, and I kept my promise by burying him. For me there is no more success than that, everything else is the talk of the world.
In his New York Times Bestseller book “The Compound Effect” Darren Hardy writes. “My personal experience has proven that, no matter what you learn or what strategy or tactic you employ, success comes as the result of the operating system of the Compound Effect.”(Page 2)
Anthony Robbins Says,
“You can’t’ do that through a magic pill or secret formula, but only through understanding the real tools, strategies, and science behind what it takes to break through the patterns that defeat so many and achieve a meaningful life.”
Napoleon Hill says in his book “Success: the best of Napoleon Hill”
“To succeed, you must have faith in your own ability to do whatever you make up your mind to do.”(Page 82)
I believe success is a life long journey, to keep on going to find your inner joy and purpose of life.
John Maxwell says “Sometime you need a new way to reach success.”

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