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Karachi Alliance against terrible atrocities of K-Electric formed by journalist Akhtar Shaheen Rind, friends


Renowned journalist, anchorperson, vlogger and social activist Akhtar Shaheen Rind along with his friends has formed a Karachi Alliance against K-Electric to address the difficulties faced by the citizens due to unjustified multiple taxes and load shedding of K-Electric.

The chairman of the alliance, Akhtar Shaheen Rind, who has helped hundreds of people with their problems by connecting them to the concerned authorities, has took the responsibility to voice the concerns of the citizens.

He has announced to stage a protest against KElectric to record the woes of people who are a victim of KElectric’s unjustified acts. He wrote on his Twitter account; “Enough is Enough. Karachi Alliance Against #KElectric is formed. Are you ready to speak up? Get ready for a massive protest. Details soon.”

It is pertinent to mention here that the electricity regulating body had issued a revised timetable of load shedding in the beginning of this month citing an average shortfall of 250 MW – 350 MW to almost 450 MW – 500 MW due to rising temperatures and curtailed fuel supply.

Meanwhile, different areas of the metropolitan are experiencing 16 to 18 hours of prolonged loadshedding while the exempted areas are also experience loadshedding at night.

Due to the prolonged power outages, the daily routine of citizens and business men has badly been affected. Citizens are also unable to sleep due to the power outages.

To add to the worries of the citizens, the sole electricity providing organization of the port city has added several types of taxes in the bill that mainly includes; Sales Tax, further tax, extra taxes, and more.

All these additional taxes have added more burden to the citizens who are already suffering from loss of businesses, inflation, layoffs, unemployment, and much more.

A movement like Karachi Alliance against KElectric is the need of the hour for the citizens of Karachi who are deprived of their basic rights of living.

If you want to contact, send a message, or be a part of the alliance then make sure to connect with the chairman of the alliance via his Twitter account, which is as follows:

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