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Caritas Pakistan Karachi supports Communities affected in record breaking monsoon rains

The recent continuous spell of monsoon heavy rain in Karachi has battered the majority of the city being flooded with water. Regrettably, the people are forced to deal with it on their own as no concrete steps are taken by the relevant authorities to mend the deplorable condition of the city.
Caritas Emergency Response Team (ERT) and volunteers stepped on the ground during monsoon heavy rain and distributed Cooked Food, Drinking Water, Food Hampers (Dry Ration), Smart Hygiene & Nutrition Kits, and Plastic Tarpaulin Sheets among 300 most vulnerable and deserving families at Sadiq Nagar, Kausar Niazi Colony of Gujjar Nullah, Younus Goth, Holy Merry Goth and Nasrat Nagar areas of St. Michael’s, St. Philip’s and St. Jude’s   Parishes of the Archdiocese of Karachi from 05th to 19th of July, 2022.
The Cooked food, safe Drinking Water, smart hygiene & Nutrition Kits, Food Hampers (Dry ration) and Plastic Tarpaulin sheets are most immediate and urgent needs during monsoon rain and urban flood affected families in above mentioned villages / areas identified during visited for Initial rapid assessment of Monsoon Heavy Rain and urban flood by the assessment team.
Mr. Mansha Noor, Executive Secretary, Mr. Amir Robin, Regional Coordinator South, Mr. Victor Samuel and Mr. Murad Khokhar representative of Caritas Pakistan National Secretariat distributed Cooked Food, Safe Drinking Water, smart Hygiene & Nutrition kits, Food Hampers (Dry Ration) and Plastic Tarpaulin Sheets at the doorstep of the affected families with support and help of the volunteers and DMC members during the heavy rain.
The affected families were very happy and grateful to Caritas Pakistan Karachi for providing Cooked Food, Food Hampers, Drinking Water, hygiene kit and Plastic Tarpaulin Sheets at their doorstep which are the most urgent need of the affected families during the difficult time.
Caritas Karachi thanked and appreciated Mr. Amjad Gulzar, National Executive Director of Caritas Pakistan and whole Emergency team for the kind support, assessment, coordination and immediate action to provide the resources to help Monsoon Heavy Rain and Urban Flood affected families in Karachi.Caritas Pakistan Karachi feel grateful to their Chairman “His Grace Benny Mario Travis, Archbishop of Karachi for the kind support and guidance to help the people affected by the monsoon heavy rain and urban flooding in Karachi.His Grace Benny Travas, Archbishop Praised the Caritas Pakistan Karachi team, said that “it is really good and comforting work you are doing for the affected people to keep up the good work and continue with the same spirit and zeal.”
The Relief operation of immediate response of Monsoon Heavy Rain and Urban Flood Emergency 2022 of Caritas Pakistan Karachi is continuing in the archdiocese of Karachi to support and help the most affected heavy rain and urban flood families in different areas/ villages.To support and help the Monsoon Heavy Rain and Urban Flood affected families Please contact with archdiocese Caritas Office Mobile / WhatsApp No. 0300-9285765

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