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Pakhtoons playing vital role in the economy of Sindh; Agha Siraj Durrani 

Acting Governor Sindh Agha Siraj Khan Durrani has said that murder of any person is a condemnable act while destroying private property is equally a shameful conduct.
This he said  while talking to a 19-member delegation of Pakhtoon Community led by Mr. Shafiullah here today at Governor House.
He said that Hyderabad incident was very unfortunate while its reaction was also uncalled for.”
Sindh is a land of Sufis and Saints who have always preached love, harmony and brotherhood, he added.
Agha Siraj further said that some miscreants are bent upon hatching conspiracies and pitching brothers against each other on linguistic basis.
“The people of the province with their unity would foil any such attempt, he added.
Acting Governor Sindh said that Pakhtoons are engaged in various businesses in the province and as such they are playing a vital role in provincial economy.
He appealed all linguistic groups living in the province to be aware of such miscreants and avoid any rumours which are spread for dividing brother.”
Government would take stern action against persons taking law into their own hands and such elements would face exemplary punishment”,he opined.
The head of the delegation Mr. Shafiullah assured Acting Governor that being a peaceful community Pakhtoons would extend all possible help to Government of Sindh as it considers Sindh as their home.
He also pledged not to fall pray to any miscreant group or mob and maintain  peace and harmony in the province.

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