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The Art of Writing

By : Ayaz Morris



Writing is a calling, because you can write as professional writer or as a subject specialist on a topic but write to make an impact is totally different story.

I believe writing is a natural gift but to make it impactful is an art. Good News is the art can be learnt and polished as well.

Every profession and art has some basic fundamental and some extra skills to excel in that profession. If you are able to learn the basics you can develop and excel excellence by time and experience. Basic of writing will remain same, only medium will change.
Here are some tips I have learned from different training and writers and applied in my writing life.

I have learned that you need to fallow process; results will take care of it. It might take time, but it will come in your way, as they say “If you build they will come.”
Writing is not about putting good words and phrase together to impress your readers with your language and knowledge.

The core purpose of writer is why he / she is writing. To be good writer you need to find your true calling. You have to develop the habit of research & readability.

Your observation skills are very essential. I had learned from very celebrated author: If you want to be a good writer follow three steps;
I: Read Daily
2: Reflect on your daily routine.
3: Write your daily observation.
These three tips really helped me to be a more effective writer.

You need to find your originality. (It is something very simple but still very difficult).
Sometimes after reading so many writers, especially famous writers we start coping their style because it’s working well for them but it might not work for you. You have to find your original writing style. Your thought process should be exceptional.

As a writer you should be productive. Your writing should focus on long term goals. You should have ability to provoke or pursued your readers for call of action.

On digital media, your writing should focus on reader engagement because we are living in the most destructive generation. There time span of construction is gone down from 9 second to 7 Second.
You have to bring remarkable content to be impact writer.

Fundamentals of Good Writing:
Your mindset is the key. It is skill you can develop by learning & practice. You have to own your writing tone, individual voice that must be a unique voice. You need to develop your communication mindset.
You need to ask yourself time to time “Why should I write?”
You need to find your interest and uniqueness. (Good writer cannot write on anything) You must have your own genre, niche and target audience.
Find your passion, your topic and area of expertise.
Here are some good examples:
Mark Manson (American author)
Jordan Peterson (Canadian clinical psychologist)
Seth Godin (American author)
Simon Sinek (Author)                                        Brian Tracy (Canadian motivational speaker)

A renowned author and my mentor Irfan Javed wrote on his

Facebook timeline . “After attending many literary festivals & engaging in discussions with literary luminaries of Pakistan, in my humble opinion, these three books of Pakistani literature in English have emerged as the undisputed best:
1) The Crow Eaters by Bapsi Sidhwa
2) Meatless Days by Sara Suleri
3) The Wandering Falcon by Jamil Ahmad
However, I would like to add my personal favourites to the list:
4) A case of Exploding Mangoes by Mohammad Hanif
5) The Selected Works of Abdullah the Cossack by HM Naqvi
6) In other rooms other wonders by Daniyal Mueenuddin
7) Exit West by Mohsin Hamid
8) Melody of a tear by Haroon Khalid Akhtar
9) Snuffing out the Moon by Osama Siddique

Writing is not an easy job, in fact it’s not a job, but once you develop the habit of writing, you are on the path on something very beautiful journey.

You might not able to impress or change someone else life by your writing but you will be able to see your life differently.

You will give your time and life a true meaning. It will be difficult at start because you need to proof people that you are good enough to get published and get paid. You have to believe in your skills and abilities.

Persistence is pivotal for success. You will be able to help people change their lens to see world by changing your.

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