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Faiq voices concern over growing miseries of the farming community


Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) chairman, Muhammad Faiq Shah has expressed grave concern over unruly and pathetic attitude with farming community, demanding of the government and relevant authorities to provide maximum relief to growers to mitigate their suffering.

Talking to media here on Thursday, Shah noted farmers are worrisome over unavailability of electricity, water, fertilizer and yields, isn’t less than a biggest enmity then this one with Pakistan.

He added the rising prices of petroleum commodities have lost the last hope from the growers.

We strongly condemn the injustice and cruelty that was being made with the farming community.

Shah demanded immediate relief to growers.

The ATP chief warned the new storm of inflation would create anarchy and commotion in the country.

While commenting on the present political and electoral system, Faiq noted that: We have polled vote to a cruel segment and are waiting for ‘Adal e Farooqi’.

He added that the oppressive elite has been imposed through rigging, pressure and cheating of economic progress.

The ATP chairman made it clear that law and justice cannot come until bringing clarity in the present electoral system.

“We are making a peaceful political struggle for creating awareness, conduct of impartial election and removing darkness of ignorance forever”,

Shah emphasized the politics of pressure, rigging and using money are needed to be buried.

There is still openly use of money, rigging, pressure, and cheating people in by-elections in Punjab, the party leader observed.

He emphasized that competent people should come forward, resultantly a real soul of democracy will become visible and competent, honest and devoted people to be part of the democratic and political system.

Faiq asked to give a vote to the manifesto and strategy, it’s a real democracy.

When political crookers would provide a chance to impose on the whole nation then people will never become independent and authorized, he remarked.

The party leader said it wouldn’t be wiseful decision to give votes to cruel segments and then expect ‘Adal e Farooqi’ from them.

He asked the youth, women and competent people to support ATP in its ongoing ‘Campaign for Awaken Pakistan’ [Bai Dar e Pakistan Muhim], vowing that they will prove to ensure speedy law and justice to everyone.

Shah revealed that 95 per cent people didn’t come to cast their ballot in elections.

Despite the fact that, he noted, people won elections from here, asking to declare such an election as null and void.

He asked the people to come out from their houses to bring revolution in the country.

Otherwise, he made it clear this cruel segment will remain imposed on the whole nation.

The father of the nation, Quaid E Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had awaken nation for using their democratic right that had paved way for achieving destination of Pakistan.

He commented that the excelling politically over ‘Angrez’ [Englishmen] or people of Britain would pave the way for Pakistan.

If people today would come out for the right use of vote, consequently revolution would come in the country, and the cruel segment couldn’t find a place to hide their faces, he added.

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